Our Christian Curriculum

Cordova Christian Academy integrates a variety of methods and materials for teaching our children according to biblical principles and the ancient wisdom found throughout Scripture, with A Beka® being the primary curriculum used for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. In addition to Abeka, Accelerated Reader is used for Language Arts. Alpha Omega is used to supplement History and bridges Abeka to Core Curriculum. FOSS is utilized in science and supports a wonderful cooperative learning and a hands-on approach.

All of our subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview. Our teaching reflects an approach similar to that of the Traditional as well as the Classical style, with attention given to the developmental progression of optimum learning stages.

During the early years, drill and review are primary tools for teaching, and much is accomplished through rhyme and songs. Cooperative learning, movement, and hands-on experiential learning provide the counterbalance for the disciplines of memorization and drill. Once basic academic skills are mastered, students are taught how to research and collect information, integrating what they have learned in different subject areas through the rigors of logic and reason. With this foundation, upper level students are able to logically present and defend their ideas, while continuing the systematic construction of a Biblical worldview and deepening their understanding of integrated academic disciplines.