Parent Reviews

Reviews from Our Parents

We appreciate all of these kind words from our Parents. We encourage you to read the reviews for Cordova Christian Academy below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents, which will allow you to get feedback on what we believe is the top private preschool around!

We love CCA!! We have been here for over a year. Our kids are so well taken care of and learn so much! The teachers and staff are friendly and professional. The facility is clean, up to date, and the classrooms are each decorated with learning material for each age group. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a school/daycare.

Laura S.

Our boys have been so blessed to attend CCA. They have attended from daycare up through 2nd grade and are currently going back for camps. The teachers and staff at CCA have been like a family to us. Our boys have learned so much throughout the years and have made lasting friends. We definitely recommend CCA!

Shawn W. 5 stars - Excellent

I LOVE Cordova Christian Academy! Both of my girls have been there since they were 8 weeks old. The teachers and staff care so much for my girls (6 yr. and 4 yr.). They love my kids as if they were their own. My girls have learned so much and they always love going to school every day. My 4 year old can even speak Spanish. It is a great ease and relief to know that my kids will be happy at school while I am at work every day. CCA is a wonderful family to have. I don’t know what I would do without the staff and teachers at CCA. They are such a blessing to my girls and my family.

Brandy Haynes

When choosing a school, we searched for a school in our area with a Christ centered focus. We found that and so much more at Cordova Christian Academy. To us, it is an extension of our family. The teachers and staff truly care about my children. It is comforting to know that my children are not only learning and developing, but they are also loved. Teachers and staff celebrate the small victories and the big ones just the same, constantly nurturing and encouraging them to strive to be the best each and every day.

Rod and Kristy Marter